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Man in the age of digitization

This series of full-body portraits from 2017 shows various depictions of people from the field of life-size scanography. For me, this part of my work was a cornerstone in dealing with digital media.

Within my work I strive to reverse the view and present unfiltered "digital seeing". The scanner offers a way of doing justice to this interface. The scanning process, as digitization, forms the analogy to visual perception at computer level. My aesthetic construct arises from the nature of the object, the environment and the structure of the object, as well as the composition of the scanner itself and the temporal aspect of the scanning process.

My personal scans are implemented in a neutral environment. Clothing, accessories and attributes are avoided and posing is appropriate to the personality.

In addition, I decided on a scanner model that, in contrast to newer flatbed scanners, gives the object a certain depth and thus plasticity.

Scanographie - Person
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