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Tillmann Oster - a biography

Anker 1

"The search for the original drives my creative work."

Man in the age of digitization - our reality as a digital image.

In the advancing age of communication, new digital worlds are constantly opening up. Artificial intelligence and data streams, the mass of algorithms for which humans can no longer grasp, are becoming increasingly important in our society - digital processes are becoming increasingly opaque.

Within my work I strive to reverse the view and present unfiltered "digital seeing". The scanner offers a way of doing justice to this interface. The scanning process, as digitization, forms the analogy to visual perception at computer level. My aesthetic construct arises from the nature of the object, the environment and the structure of the object, as well as the composition of the scanner itself and the temporal aspect of the scanning process.

My personal scans are implemented in a neutral environment. Clothing, accessories and attributes are avoided and posing is appropriate to the personality.

In addition, I decided on a scanner model that, in contrast to newer flatbed scanners, gives the object a certain depth and thus plasticity.


My intention is to visualize the digital perspective in order  to create an image of reality.


1999 - 2012

University of Koblenz - Master of Education

from 2012

worked at the Julius-Wegeler-School in Koblenz

from 2016

active at the study seminar in Neuwied



Art in Koblenz staircases


Koblenz analogue #8


Koblenz - Long Night of the Museums

Artist group: Heterotopia


"People in the Age of Digitization"
Gallery Laik


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